World Vegan Day

World Vegan Day is one of the key dates to put in your calendar, if you want to get involved in promoting and/or celebrating veganism. Held on the 1st November, it is a global celebration that heralds the start of World Vegan Month, and celebrates the founding of the Vegan Society in the UK in November 1944. Festivals, fetes, exhibitions, and outreach/educational events, all form part of World Vegan Day/ Month, with celebrations in 2011 happening across the world.

If you want to find out more about veganism, or are interested in supporting the work of those organisations that support it, there are plenty of resources available to you. You may find a local vegan or faith group which holds events and talks, or you could support the work of national charity The Vegan Society. This charity is almost like a one-stop shop for information on veganism. Their website contains advice and resources for businesses, schools, caterers, young vegans, the media, and all other parties who want to find out what veganism is all about.

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